Self Muscle Massage Series- pt 11 Low Back

The Self Muscle Massage Series picks up in pt 11. This post focuses on the low back and includes a review of the bony landmarks you’ll need to work on the area, as well as, the muscles involved. The post also includes three self muscle release techniques to work on the area at home with pictures and video demonstration.

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Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

This two part series focuses on the Iliotibial Band or ITB. Like the Patellofemoral series it is broken into two seperate posts. The first discusses what ITBS is, what causes it, and how to differentiate it from other possible diagnoses. The second post focuses on treatment, including self muscle massage, stretching, as well as, strategies for managing the early symptoms when the injury occurs.

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Patellofemoral Syndrome (aka PFS/Runners Knee)

This is a two part series on Patellofemoral Syndrome (which is also known as PFS or runners knee).

In the first part of the series, the post talks about what PFS is, what causes it, and how to differentiate it from other possible diagnoses. The second part of the series focuses on how to treat it and offers tips for managing initial post injury symptoms, muscle massage and stretching.

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Self Muscle Massage Series pt 10- the foot

In this week’s installment of the self muscle massage series, we’ll be finishing up with the legs by covering the foot.

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Self Muscle Massage Series- pt 9 Shin

In the next part of our blog series on Self Muscle Massage using a foam roller and tennis ball, we’ll be working on the shin muscles, top of the foot and outside of the lower leg. Follow the link below:

Self Muscle Massage Series- pt 8 inner thigh/groin

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In the next part of the series, we’ll be talking about the inner thigh/adductors/groin. This will conclude our discussion on the hip. Stay tuned for our upcoming ebook which will be available free for download. In the meantime, to see this installment, follow this link:

Self Muscle Massage Series- pt 7 Quads

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

For this weeks installment we’re moving south from the hip to talk about the quad muscles. With this blog post, we’ll also be moving the series to it’s new home “Athletes Treating Athletes”. We will be posting links to new posts and series here as well, but hope that you will take a peek at the new website to see what we have planned for you. Here is the link to this weeks installment!